You may say it's a breakfast for champions!

Reviewed by Dietitian Emily Lachtrupp, M.S., RDReviewed by Dietitian Emily Lachtrupp, M.S., RD

You know Sha’Carri Richardson as the current fastest woman runner in the world. But something you may not know about the star athlete? She’s a lover of food, just like us.

“I'm a big foodie. I like to eat a little bit of everything when it comes to food,” Richardson tells EatingWell. “I like to try everything at once—no, I may not eat it again if I don't like it, but I'm very open to trying any type of food once before canceling it out.”

In this exclusive interview, we chatted with the upcoming 2024 Olympian about her favorite high-protein breakfast, go-to snacks and her partnership with Oikos. Plus, learn more about her nighttime recovery routine and her current playlists for before, during and after training below.

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EatingWell: What does your typical breakfast look like?

Richardson: I would say in the morning, it depends on timing and if I have time to get up and make something, but I definitely am a big fan of eggs. Eggs are something I really like to eat in the morning on race day or any regular day. And when I'm on the go and I don't want something too heavy starting the day, I definitely like my Oikos Pro Drink that contains 23 grams of protein. That is something convenient that I like to include. I'm able to drink it really quick and I do still feel like I'm putting the nutrients in my body that I can have going into practice on a day-to-day basis.

EatingWell: Why partner with Oikos?

Richardson: I'm super excited about the partnership with Oikos. I like the innovation of products that they have, and it’s very related to the convenience of being able to get the nutrients that you need more of— and they have great flavor as well. All of those components put together make me super excited about this partnership.

EatingWell: Do you have a nighttime recovery routine?

Richardson: I would say recovery has just been being attentive to doing my ice bathing or hot tub, as well as just decompressing from the day later on in the evening. It's something I like to do. I'll be talking to my family or getting in the pool doing some stretching and some abs. That’s how the day ends for me.

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EatingWell: Any favorite snacks you always have on hand?

Richardson: I like dried fruits a lot, specifically dried mangoes, as well as peanuts and almonds. I keep it very light and straightforward when it comes to snacking.

EatingWell: Do you listen to music while you train, and if so, what are your current favorites on the playlist to keep you pumped up and motivated?

Richardson: I have a different playlist for before, during and after practice. I would say before practice, I'm listening to gospel or more soft R&B. And then when I'm actually at the track, I'm listening to more upbeat R&B, hip hop, pop. I like to mix it up, anything that has a nice beat to it that just makes you want to move, that type of music. I like to listen to that while I'm at the track. Then cooling down or leaving the track, I have a playlist that's more soothing, calming, soft pop and R&B. 

A couple of artists I would pick, I would say Fridayy, I definitely am a big fan of his variety of energies when it comes to his songs. I listen to Young Dolph while I'm actually practicing, a lot of Lil Baby while I'm practicing. Beforehand, I'm listening to a lot of gospel, so Kirk Franklin, Mary Mary. And afterwards I'm listening to Sade, Whitney Houston—oh and of course, while I'm practicing, I love me some Cardi B and Beyoncé. Beyoncé is in every playlist: before, during and after. 

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EatingWell: What does “eating well” mean to you?

Richardson: Eating well to me is respecting my body and giving what my body needs so that it takes care of me. It's the domino effect, the chain reaction, fueling myself with the proper things that of course I need, but also tastes good because I do like to enjoy the food that I eat. Giving myself those things that way my body gives me what I need when I go and perform. Eating well is honestly taking care of yourself and appreciating your body and appreciating the food that you're eating too. And having a meal that you just enjoy will have an effect on how your day is going.

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