Parents urge others to take their children on holiday during term time

Videos have appeared on TikTok of parents advising others on how to 'navigate around the fines', the minimum of which are due to rise from £60 per child to £80 from August.

The July Full Moon known as the Buck Moon is seen in the sky

The July Full Moon known as the Buck Moon is seen in the sky once a heavy cloud was out of the way

Chick-Fil-A is dethroned as America's favorite fast food restaurant

Chick-fil-A was ousted as America's favorite fast food restaurant. Last year, Chick-fil-A finished first in USA Today's rankings, which are determined by readers' votes.

Cool or crazy? Influencer climbs Florence dome for a selfie

Absolutely incredible places to visit in Central America

Central America is generally regarded as being composed of seven countries—Guatemala, Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, and Nicaragua. That's seven wonderfully compelling vacation destination options famed for stunningly varied ecosystems, culturally significant historic ruins, and some of the best beaches around. But where do you start? If this part of the world is on your must-see bucket list, click through this gallery for ideas on where to go and what to see!

The most dangerous cities in South America

South America has long dazzled us with its beautiful climate, delicious food, rich history, and musical rhythm. Travelers are often desperate to visit many of the major cities in South America, however, not all South American cities are safe. In this gallery, we'll unpack the most dangerous cities in South America, so you can make an informed decision on whether you'd like to book your next vacation to these destinations. Click on to discover the most dangerous cities in South America.

24 game-changing camping tips you NEED to try

Fool-proof tips to make your next camping trip a true success.

Experts fear massive IT outage could last days

The technical fault has caused Windows software to suddenly shut down, prompting departure boards to immediately turn off at airports on the busiest day for British airports since Covid.

12 top ’80s off-roaders

Spectacular full Buck Moon seen rising in Kent, UK

The stunning full Buck Moon was seen rising into the night sky above Kent, UK this evening (July 20). Earth's closest neighbour was seen ascending above Sheerness in the late evening after cloud cover cleared. July's full moon is named after male deer shedding their antlers and regrowing them at this time of year.

Microsoft Outages Caused By Crowdstrike Software Glitch Paralyze Airlines, Other Businesses

Banks, airlines, television networks and health systems around the world that rely on Microsoft 365 apps reported widespread outages.

Bruce Springsteen, 74, is officially a billionaire

Following five decades in the spotlight, Bruce Springsteen is estimated to be worth $1.1 billion, according to Forbes.

Iconic must-watch films from the ‘60s

The 1960s were a transformative decade in culture, and cinema was no exception. With the rise of European cinema and New Hollywood (i.e. moving away from the antiquated studio system), audiences flocked to see films from a variety of genres, from sci-fi to horror, while still embracing traditional entertainment like epics, comedies, and dramas. It was truly a decade of innovation that gave us plenty of cinematic classics. Intrigued by '60s cinema? Then check out the following gallery.

How well do you know the Olympics? Test your knowledge with our quiz

Days after Zelenskyy's comments on PM's Moscow visit, Jaishankar speaks to Ukrainian FM

The conversation between the two leaders took place days after Ukrainian President Voldymyr Zelenskyy condemned the meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russia's President Vladimir Putin in Moscow, calling it a “devastating blow to peace efforts”.

Strange airport incidents around the world

There are many stressful things in life, but few as anxiety-inducing as taking a flight. Sure, navigating an airport can be simple sometimes, but, more often than not, the experience is a real-life nightmare. And we're not talking about the pandemic or the need to use masks. Throughout history, there have been many strange and obstructive things that have disturbed journeys around the world. Take a look at this gallery for a roundup of the craziest airport incidents and accidents.

Olympics-What are the changes to the sports programme at the Paris 2024 Olympics?

PARIS (Reuters) - The Paris Olympics, which open on Friday, will feature a new sport in breaking, plus three young sports returning from the Tokyo Games -- climbing, skateboarding and surfing. These are the changes to the sports programme: BREAKING TO MAKE OLYMPIC DEBUT A competitive form of breakdancing that blends artistry and dance with acrobatic moves, breaking will debut at the Paris

These are the most important ages in life

Some ages stand out in our memory more than others. Perhaps we had a significant relationship or life milestone occur at 22, 25, or 36. But did you know there's an astrological reason for this? In Vedic astrology, traditionally practiced in India, the planets and lunar nodal points in an individual's birth chart mature at different points throughout their life. The maturation of these planets and nodes usually corresponds with important coming-of-age lessons and events. The age we are, at the time these planets mature, tend to be standout seasons in the series of our lives. So when exactly do they happen, and what are the key ages in our life? Click on to learn more.

How to detect hidden cameras in your hotel room or rental home

From hotel rooms to rental homes, hidden cameras can lurk anywhere. These devices can be discretely placed in a nook or cranny to capture your image, activities, and private conversations without you ever knowing. In some cases, hidden cameras can serve legitimate purposes, such as alerting owners of burglaries or keeping an eye on a pet. However, hidden cameras should never exist in private areas to spy on, prank, or extort you. Fortunately, there are several methods travelers can employ to detect these devices. Click on to learn how to check to see if your rental, or your hotel room, has any hidden cameras.

Wildlife trust searches for new CEO

The trust's chair says Durrell has grown from a small zoo to a "global conservation".

Why Paris Olympics Could Be a Gamechanger for Urban Renewal

Only one structure built for the Paris Olympics will remain in the city center after the Games conclude: the Arena at Porte de la Chapelle. The sleek new sports complex is the most conspicuous sign of a neighborhood in flux. Bloomberg's Caroline Connan reports.

Transportation from Cancun International Airport to your hotel: How to avoid scams, overpaying and more

If you're traveling from Cancun International Airport to your hotel, TPG recommends prebooking your transportation to avoid scams. Here's what you should know.

Offbeat escapes: underrated destinations you need to visit

While mainstream travelers flock to popular spots, there are hidden wonders around the world, waiting to be explored. But where exactly are these hidden gems, the places and countries that remain untouched by mass global tourism? Get ready for an exciting journey, as we explore the largely unknown and unspoilt destinations around the globe that are worth paying a visit. Click on the gallery to begin planning your next getaway!

Meghalaya CM Sangma: 36 Students Remain Stranded in Bangladesh Amid Violent Protests

The Meghalaya government has successfully evacuated over 405 students from Bangladesh through the Dawki land port in West Jaintia Hills District.

UFC Apex expansion could lead to "many more events" at venue

Expansion of Las Vegas venue is expected to take roughly four months.

Sinking land could cost some U.S. homeowners 8.1% of their home value

The land below many U.S. cities is sinking. Known as land subsidence, this natural and man-made phenomenon can have a direct effect on home values and put critical infrastructure such as railroads and airports in danger. Luckily, some land subsidence can be reversed. "It's not cheap and it's not easy. But we have tools in our toolbox that can implement that and see the results in … months or years," said Manoochehr Shirzaei, professor of geophysics and remote sensing at Virginia Tech.

All skins and rewards in Fortnite’s Cursed Sails event

Pirates, shipwrecks, buried treasure, and more

Gold prices in Dubai continue to fall, dropping nearly Dh8 in a day

Globally, spot gold prices fell to $2,406 per ounce on Friday, down 1.46 per cent, due to profit-taking after a strong rally in the past few weeks

Postcard from Jakarta: Powering Indonesia's rise with volcanic energy and smiles

Geothermal energy and tourism are the cornerstones of the nation's reform strategy

Why this sign at a Coles could save you money at the checkout

A sign spotted at the Coles checkout is promising to save customers money on their grocery shop.

Some airports were forced to use whiteboards to handwrite flight information due to the global IT outage

Belfast International Airport and Singapore Changi, around 7,000 miles apart, both resorted to low tech means of keeping passengers up to date.

San Francisco's 'very aggressive' move against the homeless

Mayor London Breed revealed the city is set to take a 'very aggressive' approach to remove encampments from the streets which have blighted the City by the Bay for the past four years.

I Tried the Cheesesteak Sandwich From 6 Chains & the Winner Was Perfect From Bread to Pickle

We tried cheesesteak sandwiches from some of the most popular sub chains around to find out who serves the absolute best one.

TikTok's My Favorite Hack for Finding Comfy Travel Outfits, and These Are the 9 Viral Matching Sets I'm Eyeing

These one-and-done, comfy travel outfits deserve a spot in your closet.

Paris shops, restaurants say Olympics hammering business

Paris shops, restaurants, bars and clubs are facing an "unprecedented slump in business and footfall", trade groups said Friday, blaming in part the "heavy security measures" imposed ahead of the Olympic Games starting July 26. One example was the Trocadero square near the Eiffel Tower in western Paris, where restaurants are "suffering access restrictions that have sent footfall plunging by 70 percent", they said.

Houses of horror and other true crime locations

The morbid fascination with those who murder often extends to learning more about the locations in which the killings take place. Houses, apartments, compounds, highways, theaters, and schools are among the places where some of the most heinous crimes have been committed. Many of these properties are rightly demolished after the event, their continued existence otherwise providing an all too painful reminder of what took place inside. But there are scenes of crime that have survived, some as private residences, others as historic landmarks. Intrigued? Click through and discover houses of horror and other true crime locations.

The dark and creepy origins of classic fairy tales

Some stories are such classics, they were told at least once in everyone's childhood. Stories like 'Snow White,' 'Sleeping Beauty,' and 'Peter Pan' have been told to us all at some point, whether as a bedtime story, an outlandish parody, or even more likely in a Disney film. However, almost all of these stories have a dark and gruesome original version. Red Riding Hood's grandmother meets a gruesome fate, Pinocchio calls the police, and Sleeping Beauty's love story is actually quite horrifying. Click on for more shocking revelations about your favorite childhood stories and fairy tales.

Citi Research's Stephen Trent on global outage impact on airlines

Stephen Trent, Citi Research airline analyst, joins 'Power Lunch' to discuss the impact of CrowdStrike's IT outage on the airline industry and more.

Revealed: The cheapest and most expensive beach resorts in Europe for British families this summer, with Ibiza DOUBLE the cost of the best-value hotspot

A Post Office Travel Money report ranked 16 holiday resorts on price by looking at the cost of essentials - from Greece and Spain to Portugal and Turkey. Find out which destination is the best value...

UAE weather: rainfall likely in eastern and southern areas on Sunday and Monday

High humidity and temperatures into the 40s set to continue through the week

Common and mundane things that used to be banned

Cancel culture may be a phrase contemporary to the late 2010s and early 2020s, but there are numerous things we take for granted today that were once banned or deemed illegal. In fact, some of the everyday items we use or wear now, the food we eat, and the sports we play were once outlawed, and for all sorts of ridiculous and often controversial reasons. So, what are the meaningless and inoffensive things that used to be banned but are widespread today? Click through this gallery for a list of the once-prohibited and -forbidden.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi airports operating as normal following IT global outage

Following a technology outage that caused travel disruption around the world, operations at airports and airlines are returning to normal on Sunday. In the UAE, flight tracking website FlightRadar24 reported low airport disruption on Sunday morning. Good traffic flow was reported at Zayed International Airport and in Dubai, only minor delays were o...

The greatest Native American heroes in history

The true history of the birth of the United States has long fought to be told, and the bravery, tenacity, and resistance of the indigenous peoples of North America are a large and indispensable part of that story. Fighting against the now-disgraced ideals of manifest destiny, the Native American heroes from the 15th century up through to the 21st century have dedicated, and in many cases lost, their lives in the struggle to keep their unique and important cultures alive. Want to know more? Read on to learn about some of the greatest Native American heroes from history.

Spectacular Olympic opening ceremonies in history

The opening ceremony of a Summer Olympic Games raises the curtain on the biggest and most eagerly awaited competition in world sports. The tradition of an inaugural event to mark the commencement of the Games goes back to 1896 and Athens, when the first official opening ceremony took place amid modest fanfare and applause. The ceremonies have evolved to become exciting and dramatic artistic extravaganzas, and provide an opportunity for the host nation to showcase their history and culture in dazzling, inspiring, and breathtaking fashion. With the 2024 Summer Olympics opening ceremony scheduled to take place on July 26, 2024, all eyes are on Paris to see what kind of spectacle the French have planned. Click through and be reminded of every Summer Games opening ceremony to take place since the end of the 19th-century.

How the world worked before the internet

The World Wide Web has indeed brought us many benefits, but there was a time when humans survived without it and its perks. So how did people carry out tasks like research information or paying their bills? How did you view cat videos with just the click of a button? Click through the gallery to see the things that people did before the World Wide Web existed.

Kavem Hodge survives 'brutal' Mark Wood spell as West Indies show fight against England

West Indies batter Kavem Hodge admitted his century in the second Test against England at Trent Bridge was made “much more satisfying” by withstanding a “brutal” spell of fast-bowling from Mark Wood. Hodge cracked 120 on Day 2 in Nottingham as the tourists finished on 351-5 at stumps, just 65 runs behind England's first innings total of 416 and ver...

UAE: Keep AC on even when you're not home during long holidays; here's why

Returning to a cool house, instead of baked walls, is welcoming however, balancing comfort and energy conservation is crucial

I've Eaten At Nearly Every Single Chain Restaurant—These Are The Best Menu Items

Two years later and 20 restaurants down, this is our official list. People always ask: What are the *best* chain restaurant menu items? Honestly, I've tried too many to count; they've all become a massive blur in my memory. So, to make your lives easier (and, selfishly, mine), I've made the official ranking of the best menu items at each restaurant I've visited. Buckle up y'all.

‘I’m a historian – but even I was left speechless by this overlooked Egyptian treasure’

There aren’t many cultures where waste management is considered the height of glamour. But for the ancient Egyptians, the daily grind of the dung beetle – the Scarabaeus satyrus – was most noble of all. These scurrying scarabs – who pushed spherical piles of dung around – were believed to be the earthly manifestation of the god Khepri, who pushed t...

Beauty spot named 'friendliest town' in US is being shunned by hikers

A quaint town in Northern California is suddenly being avoided. The town would previously welcome about 6,000 visitors a year but plans appear to have changed at the last minute.