• Bobbi Brown shared four “essential” skincare products for travel.
  • The Jones Road Beauty founder helped launch The Skincare Travel Kit, which includes The Cleansing Stick, a mini Oil-Free Moisturizer, an exclusive mini micellar water, and two reusable cotton pads.
  • She says the products “make traveling a breeze.”

We love that we can always count on Bobbi Brown for expert makeup tips and beauty product recommendations that really work. The 67-year-old beauty mogul also knows a thing or two about skincare. The Jones Road Beauty founder frequently shares the products she uses, and now she’s revealing her trick for gorgeous skin while traveling: Jones Road Beauty’s The Skincare Travel Kit.


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“Who likes packing? I don’t,” Brown said in a recent Instagram video. “I tend to do it a lot and I’m getting it down to a science.” She then introduced two new Jones Road Beauty travel kits she’s launching to help “make our lives easier.”

“The Skincare Travel Kit is a curation of four essential products to make traveling a breeze,” Brown explained in the caption. It includes a full-sized version of The Cleansing Stick and a mini Oil-Free Moisturizer. It also includes two items that are exclusive to the bundle: A mini micellar water (which Brown explained “takes your makeup off—including your mascara”) and reusable cotton pads. All four items come neatly wrapped inside an exclusive Jones Road Beauty makeup bag. Best of all? This kit “will make you glow from the inside out,” Brown said.

The makeup pro has long been vocal about the skincare products she uses and has raved about two of the items included in the kit in the past. The Oil-Free Moisturizer “will give you all the hydration without the oil,” she previously explained, adding that it helps “create a cushion in your skin” to avoid the look of fine lines. As for The Cleansing Stick? Brown once called it a “game changer” for her dry skin, explaining that “unlike harsh foaming cleansers, it doesn’t strip your skin of essential moisture.”

Fans are so excited about the launch following Brown’s video. “Can’t wait to try the skincare. Everything looks amazing,” one follower commented. “How perfect!! Love this! 👏😍” another wrote. “I’m just here to say I LOVE EVERYTHING you do!” another added.

This kit is your perfect way to try some of Brown’s Jones Road Beauty product recs. And if you’re looking for even more of the beauty pro’s favorites, be sure to check out more of her past recommendations below.

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