Abu Dhabi Airport is asking for volunteers to test the new Terminal A facility, including passenger security, check-in, baggage, customs, and boarding facilities.

Abu Dhabi Airport is conducting its largest live trial and testing exercise to date for the new Terminal A, which is scheduled to open in November. The exercise involves more than 6,000 volunteers from the Abu Dhabi community, who are testing the terminal's passenger security, check-in, baggage, customs, and boarding facilities.

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The operational trials for Terminal A involve volunteers playing a vital role in realistic simulations that are designed to test the terminal's equipment, staff, and procedures to the limit. This will help to ensure that the terminal is operating as efficiently and smoothly as possible when it opens to the public.

In addition to Abu Dhabi Airport staff members, the volunteers include students, families, and aviation industry representatives.

The systems and processes being tested include check-in and baggage, security screening, boarding gates, immigration and customs.

At immigration, volunteers are testing the speed and accuracy of the process for passengers, fine-tuning documents and customs inspections.

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