A dust storm eclipsed the Dubai skyline on Monday and residents warned others to stay indoors.

Residents across Dubai on Monday shared videos on social media of the city covered in orange dust.

“If you're in Dubai, stay indoors,” wrote Siddarth Sai on X, formerly known as Twitter. “This is the biggest dust storm I have seen in the last four years.”

In a video shared on Instagram by user Mohamed Hantoura, Dubai Marina can be seen enveloped in an orange cloud.

Other pictures shared on social media show thick dust covering parts of Dubai, including Sheikh Zayed Road.

In another video shared to X, low clouds can be seen covering the emirate.

“A bad sandstorm just landed on us,” the user wrote.

Another shared a video showing Dubai's barely visible skyscrapers with the caption: “Another sandstorm??”

The National Centre of Meteorology on Monday warned that low clouds would appear over the eastern coast, with some rainfall in the afternoon.

It also said that moderate winds would blow dust away.

In a tweet posted on X, the NCM said that heavy rain was forecast over Nahil Road, with light to moderate rain over South Al Lisaili in Dubai.

There have been no weather warnings of a dust storm.

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