Legendary rock band Cold Chisel have offered a staggering reward to anyone who can produce lost footage from their wild Australian tour in the early '80s.

The veteran rockers appeared on The Project on Wednesday to discuss their upcoming national tour and put out an appeal to fans to recover the footage.

'We had a motorbike act which had a girl on a trapeze swinging underneath a highwire. I thought I could do that,' singer Jimmy Barnes began.

'I might have been singing Wild Thing while hanging on a trapeze under a highwire strapped to a motorbike swinging over the audience drinking a bottle of vodka.'

Pianist Don Walker added it was from their Sydney Circus Animals tour in the early '80s, and Barnes jumped in and said the whole band was desperate to recover event footage.

'You know who you are. You've got our film, bring it back! We can't remember the show, do it and I'll let you live,' Barnes joked. 

However, later on co-host Waleed Aly said the band was now offering a jaw-dropping sum as a reward to anyone who could present them with event footage.

'If you have the lost footage, the band are offering the first person to come forward a $10,000 reward! Fake the video, do something,' Aly said. 

It comes after the iconic band reunited to celebrate their 50th anniversary by announcing an Australia-wide tour.

Dubbed 'The Big Five-0' tour, frontman Jimmy Barnes joins forces with bandmates Ian Moss, Phil Small and Don Walker for 11 shows across the country.

'The Big Five-0 will be a night like no other. This time, the band isn't touring to promote a new album; they are touring for the best possible reason... because we all love playing gigs together,' the band said on their Facebook page.

'Their anniversary provides scope for a show that features all the classic songs with which Cold Chisel carved their unique place in Oz Rock history - Khe Sanh, Bow River, Flame Trees, You Got Nothing I Want, When The War Is Over, My Baby, Cheap Wine, Choirgirl, Last Wave Of Summer, Breakfast At Sweethearts, Forever Now and so many more.' 

Cold Chisel's tour kicks off October 5 at the Petersons Winery in Armidale, where the band based themselves back in 1974-1975.

They will then lap around major Australian cities for seven weeks before their final show on November 17 in Adelaide, the city the band formed.

Cold Chisel formed in Adelaide in 1973, with Ian Moss on guitar and vocals, Steve Prestwich on drums and Don Walker on piano and keyboard.

Jimmy joined the band at the end of that year, on lead vocals - he was just 17 at the time.


October 5 - Petersons Winery, Armidale, NSW (Red Hot Summer tour)

October 8 - Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre

October 11 - The Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park, Sydney

October 15 - WIN Entertainment Centre, Wollongong

October 19 - Sandalford Wines, Swan Valley, WA (Red Hot Summer Tour)

October 25 - Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne

November 2 - Victoria Park, Brisbane

November 6 - Newcastle Entertainment Centre

November 9 - Victoria Park, Ballarat (Red Hot Summer tour)

November 13 - MyState Bank Arena, Hobart

November 17 - VAILO Adelaide 500, Post Race Concert, Adelaide

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