Triumph is celebrating its 120th anniversary with music, food, and of course, bikes.

Triumph has always been about heritage. All across its model range, the British marque sprinkles its bikes with the magic of over a century of innovation. It’s not just the Bonneville series that exemplifies the brand’s legacy. Its performance-oriented models such as the Street and Speed Triple continue to make use of modernized evolutions of the brand’s three-cylinder engine.

As such, in celebration of the brand’s 120th anniversary, Triumph Motorcycles will be making its presence felt at the upcoming Barber Vintage Festival through “Isle of Triumph” scheduled from October 6 to 8, 2023. Ticket holders to the festival will be able enjoy everything that Triumph has in store by pre-registering at the brand’s official website linked below. The Rebel Whiskey Stage will be the star attraction of the Isle of Triumph, where live entertainment, daily interviews, and brand presentations await attendees.

Furthermore, the VAHNA Motorcycle Show will feature 30 motorcycles, where three winners will be chosen and receive awards and prizes Triumph Motorcycles, Danner Boots, and other key sponsors. The motorcycle show is an open-class display, with all entrants entitled to Barber Vintage Fest admission and an Isle of Triumph T-Shirt. Registrations for the motorcycle show are now open at Triumph’s official website, as well.

During the event, Triumph will also put up its official merchandise store, where attendees can browse the brand’s extensive catalog of products. There will also be art installations perfect for the ‘Gram, as well as a lunch, dinner, and drinks from a variety of food trucks and bars. On top of that, there will also be vendors like Nashville’s H BAR C, and events from local radio stations 102.5 The Bull and 103.1 The Vulcan.

The Barber Vintage Festival is all about racing, where three days of vintage motorcycle racing will take place commemorating the industry’s rich legacy. Situated atop a hill on Turn 15, the Isle of Triumph will provide spectators with a breathtaking view of the action. Turn 15 leads right into the track’s main straight, so spectators will be able to enjoy the sights and sounds of vintage machines sending it at full throttle.

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Should attendees find that they’re looking for something more engaging, they can head over to the Triumph Factory Demo Truck which is just one tram stop away from the Isle of Triumph. Here, licensed riders can test ride the full range of Triumph’s 2024 motorcycles provided they have a full set of riding gear. Test rides will allow riders to get a feel of what Triumph’s bikes have to offer, in a self-guided, 20-minute session.

Source: Triumph Motorcycles, Rider Magazine

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