Beauty spot named 'friendliest town' in US is being shunned by hikers

A quaint town in Northern California is suddenly being avoided. The town would previously welcome about 6,000 visitors a year but plans appear to have changed at the last minute.

Strange airport incidents around the world

There are many stressful things in life, but few as anxiety-inducing as taking a flight. Sure, navigating an airport can be simple sometimes, but, more often than not, the experience is a real-life nightmare. And we're not talking about the pandemic or the need to use masks. Throughout history, there have been many strange and obstructive things that have disturbed journeys around the world. Take a look at this gallery for a roundup of the craziest airport incidents and accidents.

10 of the Most Unique Museums In the United States

Add these one-of-a-kind destinations to your travel bucket list.

Mystical landscapes on Earth that are out of this world

Space travel may be out of reach for most people, but there are still many fascinating landscapes on our planet waiting to be explored. Earth itself offers a multitude of strange and otherworldly sights that you don't need a spaceship to experience. Curious? Check out the gallery and take a virtual tour through some of the most incredible alien-looking landscapes on Earth.

Incredible hidden attractions in US cities

Everyone knows the basic monuments you need to see in America's big cities. If you go to New York, see the Empire State Building! If you're in San Francisco, check out the Golden Gate Bridge! However, there are plenty of other attractions in these US cities that you may never have even known were there. Are you looking for a more unusual travel experience? Here are some offbeat and unusual urban must-sees that most tourists fail to find. Browse the gallery for your city and places to go that others will miss.

Summer heatwave is causing terrifying explosions on Southwest planes

Southwest Airlines has reported cases of soda bursting open due to heat pressure on flights out of airports in Phoenix and Las Vegas as temperatures continue to hit triple digits.

Billionaire heiress Francesca Packer and her boyfriend Robert Bates sail off on her family's $120million superyacht for luxury European holiday

The billionaire heiress, 28, who is the daughter of investor Gretel Packer and financier Nick Barham, has reportedly been seen arriving at a port in Corfu, Greece .

Meghalaya CM Sangma: 36 Students Remain Stranded in Bangladesh Amid Violent Protests

The Meghalaya government has successfully evacuated over 405 students from Bangladesh through the Dawki land port in West Jaintia Hills District.

FS Misri concludes visit to Bhutan on positive note

India and Bhutan share an exemplary partnership characterized by trust, goodwill and mutual understanding at all levels, strong bonds of friendship and close people-to-people contacts.

Iconic British indie band are forced to postpone their show after missing their flight due to airport chaos caused by Crowdstrike IT outage

An Iconic British indie band was forced to reschedule their Friday festival appearance after missing their flight due to Crowdstrike IT outage.

Inside new superyacht Ulyssia with 132-room hotel, pools and theatre

The Ulyssia is still some four years away from its expected date of completion, but new images provide unprecedented insight into the life of luxury on board

'Maersk Frankfurt' cargo ship fire rages for more than 24 hours, Indian Coast Guard in action

At present, three Indian Coast Guard ships- Sujeet, Sachet and Samrat are carrying out the firefighting operation

31 remote islands where residents live in tranquil isolation

From palm-fringed atolls in the blue Pacific to scientific research outposts in the frigid Antarctic wastes, these are the most remote islands that people call home.

Unmissable stops along Ireland's stunning Wild Atlantic Way

A route of epic scenery, Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way covers 1,600 miles (2,600 km) of rugged ocean coast. Its length makes it one of the world's largest defined coastal routes, through the diverse flora and fauna of the Emerald Isle's Atlantic seaboard; punctuated in parts by a stark lunar landscape of limestone, in others by cute and colorful towns and villages. The windswept western periphery of the island, no stranger to storm-force tides, has a distinctive, untamed shoreline. From the most northern point, Malin Head in Co. Donegal, to the most southerly point, Mizen Head in Co. Cork, you will encounter mythic sites, and nature at its most raw and beautiful. Intrigued? Click through the gallery to discover the places you must see along the scenic Wild Atlantic Way.

13 Nostalgic Photos of Vintage Amusement Parks

What a thrill.

Why this sign at a Coles could save you money at the checkout

A sign spotted at the Coles checkout is promising to save customers money on their grocery shop.

The most dangerous cities in South America

South America has long dazzled us with its beautiful climate, delicious food, rich history, and musical rhythm. Travelers are often desperate to visit many of the major cities in South America, however, not all South American cities are safe. In this gallery, we'll unpack the most dangerous cities in South America, so you can make an informed decision on whether you'd like to book your next vacation to these destinations. Click on to discover the most dangerous cities in South America.

Cool or crazy? Influencer climbs Florence dome for a selfie

The world's 28 most iconic homes, revealed

Step back in time as we look at the most famous houses built by the world's greatest architects. Still influencing home designs today, these modern design movements changed how we design our houses inside and out.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi airports operating as normal following global outage

Following a global technology outage that caused travel disruption around the world, operations at airports and airlines are returning to normal on Sunday. In the UAE, flight tracking website FlightRadar24 reported low airport disruption on Sunday morning. Good traffic flow was reported at Zayed International Airport and in Dubai, only minor delays...

The junkyard gems of Desert Valley Auto Parts, Arizona

Let's take a look at some abandoned classics that are far more than meets the eye

Lynch: The Open exposes the risk in building golf around superstars who don’t show up

TROON, Scotland — It's been almost 40 years since the debut of the musical "Chess," and while it was ostensibly about, well, chess, and set mostly in Thailand, one lyric has currency at the 152nd Open on the dilapidated west coast of Scotland. One night in…

Incredible Hindu temples: architecture of exquisite beauty

Hinduism, originating from ancient Vedic culture around 3000 BCE, is one of the world's oldest religions and ranks as the third-largest globally, after Christianity and Islam. Followers refer to it as Sanatana Dharma, meaning Eternal Law in Sanskrit. With its primary presence in the Indian subcontinent and parts of Southeast Asia, Hinduism influences social and political structures, including the caste system. Temples of diverse styles and colors in various locations are central to Hindu worship, embodying the beauty of this ancient faith. Explore this gallery and wonder at these remarkable religious structures.

Vintage photos of famous cities

Have you ever wondered how some of the world's biggest cities looked like decades ago? Well, this is your chance! In this gallery, we compiled the most amazing vintage photos of numerous capital cities and other major cities. From Europe to North America, and Asia to Africa and further, we've covered many big cities across the globe. Browse through and marvel at these retro pictures of famous cities.

Olympics-What are the changes to the sports programme at the Paris 2024 Olympics?

PARIS (Reuters) - The Paris Olympics, which open on Friday, will feature a new sport in breaking, plus three young sports returning from the Tokyo Games -- climbing, skateboarding and surfing. These are the changes to the sports programme: BREAKING TO MAKE OLYMPIC DEBUT A competitive form of breakdancing that blends artistry and dance with acrobatic moves, breaking will debut at the Paris

The Best Wellness Retreats To Kick Off Your New Year

Whether you want to be out in nature, get a good workout or just feel restored, we have something great for you.

Russia's 'window to the west' turns to tourists from the East

Russia's 'window to the west' turns to tourists from the East Alexandra Kulikova used to come across plenty of different European languages on the streets of Saint Petersburg, the iconic city founded by Peter the Great as Russia's "window to the West". Alexandra Kulikova (R), the co-owner of a chain of apartment rentals in Saint Petersburg.

Chilling video shows wreckage of 'ghost boat' after dinghy washed up

Chilling footage shows the drowned wreck of an empty 'ghost boat' called 'Skomer' which sunk off the coast of Cornwall last week. RNLI crews were called but could not save the vessel.

Revealed: The cheapest and most expensive beach resorts in Europe for British families this summer, with Ibiza DOUBLE the cost of the best-value hotspot

A Post Office Travel Money report ranked 16 holiday resorts on price by looking at the cost of essentials - from Greece and Spain to Portugal and Turkey. Find out which destination is the best value...

Rugby-Scotland score half century of points in test win over Chile

SANTIAGO (Reuters) - Scotland kept up their high scoring form on their Americas tour with a convincing 52-11 win over Chile in Santiago on Saturday. Jamie Dobie and Kyle Rowe scored two tries each while Josh Bayliss, Matt Currie, Dylan Richardson and Kyle Steyn added one apiece in their third win on their mid-year tour after victories in the last fortnight over Canada and the United States.

The friendliest countries in the world, ranked

When traveling, there are always places that stand out for their scenic beauty, amazing cuisine, and/or their mark on history. But one of the things that keeps visitors coming back to a country over and over again is the people. Some destinations really excel at making those who visit feel welcome, and it leaves a lasting impression. Website InterNations conducts an annual survey, in order to discover which countries rank the highest for friendliness amongst those who've relocated abroad and amongst foreign travelers. Published by World Population Review, the results for 2024 are in. Does your country rank in the top 30? Click on to find out!

This Gen Zer traveled to 10 countries in 3 years. Here's how she did it while earning $25 an hour.

Explore how a Gen Zer funds her travels by waiting tables and volunteer exchange sites like Worldpackers.

These Grab-and-Go Breakfast Ideas Will Convince You to Skip the Drive-Thru

One egg and cheese sandwich, please!

Moonshot memories: The eternal legacy of Apollo 11

On July 20, 1969, a momentous event took place. The Apollo 11 moon landing was one of the greatest moments not only in US history, but in human history. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first people in history to step foot on the moon. Click through the following gallery for a countdown of the events that put the first man on the moon, and the legacy of that historic space mission.

‘I’m a historian – but even I was left speechless by this overlooked Egyptian treasure’

There aren’t many cultures where waste management is considered the height of glamour. But for the ancient Egyptians, the daily grind of the dung beetle – the Scarabaeus satyrus – was most noble of all. These scurrying scarabs – who pushed spherical piles of dung around – were believed to be the earthly manifestation of the god Khepri, who pushed t...

What to do in Seoul: the new touristic hot spot

Seoul, the vibrant capital of South Korea, combines a centuries-old culture with a modern, futuristic vibe—and the contrast is bewildering! The city humbles visitors with its collection of ancient palaces and then dazzles with futuristic fashion and technology. Deeply traditional but cutting edge too, Seoul seduces and surprises... and never disappoints! Click through and find out where to go Seoul searching.

What was the Disney Channel 65-episode rule?

"Lizzie McGuire" and "Even Stevens" were taken from us too soon.

27 surprising train facts that will amaze you

Do you know where to find the fastest trains? Which country has the largest railway network? Which countries have no railways at all? Here are some curious train truths that most people don't know.

Offbeat escapes: underrated destinations you need to visit

While mainstream travelers flock to popular spots, there are hidden wonders around the world, waiting to be explored. But where exactly are these hidden gems, the places and countries that remain untouched by mass global tourism? Get ready for an exciting journey, as we explore the largely unknown and unspoilt destinations around the globe that are worth paying a visit. Click on the gallery to begin planning your next getaway!

San Francisco's 'very aggressive' move against the homeless

Mayor London Breed revealed the city is set to take a 'very aggressive' approach to remove encampments from the streets which have blighted the City by the Bay for the past four years.

Miami Airport is plunged into lockdown amid reports of 'woman stabbed'

Miami International Airport is allegedly partially on lockdown after reports of a woman being stabbed multiple times.

The 'climate havens' where Americans should avoid buying property

Places like Duluth, MN and Ann Arbor, MI had been deemed 'climate havens' - meaning they've been are considered good places to live as the earth continues to warm up - but not all are created equal.

UAE weather: rainfall likely in eastern and southern areas on Sunday and Monday

High humidity and temperatures into the 40s set to continue through the week

Quick Points: Earn bonus points and miles by booking group travel

If you're planning a trip with family or friends, you can earn bonus points or miles by booking travel for the whole group.

'I went to a European festival and these 10 things were super different to UK events'

I headed to NOS Alive in Portugal to experience the iconic music festival set on the banks of the river Tagus just outside Lisbon, and found ten big differences to UK festivals

Why Paris Olympics Could Be a Gamechanger for Urban Renewal

Only one structure built for the Paris Olympics will remain in the city center after the Games conclude: the Arena at Porte de la Chapelle. The sleek new sports complex is the most conspicuous sign of a neighborhood in flux. Bloomberg's Caroline Connan reports.

I explored one of America's most isolated towns - where all the residents live under ONE ROOF

YouTube creator Nomadic Introvert ventured to Whittier, which is in the heart of the Alaskan wilderness and just over an hour by car from Anchorage.

Transportation from Cancun International Airport to your hotel: How to avoid scams, overpaying and more

If you're traveling from Cancun International Airport to your hotel, TPG recommends prebooking your transportation to avoid scams. Here's what you should know.

Why preserving US national heritage is so important

The United States is blessed with some truly exceptional national heritage sites and cultural landmarks. Numbering numerous historic properties, these unique places connect Americans to their past. But little of this architecture would have survived the centuries were it not for the dedicated work of organizations like the National Trust for Historic Preservation, a leading member-driven movement whose aim is to support the preservation of America's diverse historic buildings, neighborhoods, and heritage through its programs, resources, and advocacy. Indeed, the idea is to protect the identity of a nation, where lives, stories, and memories began. Click through and visit some of America's most important cultural attractions.

The July Full Moon known as the Buck Moon is seen in the sky

The July Full Moon known as the Buck Moon is seen in the sky once a heavy cloud was out of the way