Gold prices in Dubai continue to fall, dropping nearly Dh8 in a day

Globally, spot gold prices fell to $2,406 per ounce on Friday, down 1.46 per cent, due to profit-taking after a strong rally in the past few weeks

Kanwar Yatra 2024: Bus Routes Diverted Between Delhi, Haridwar And Other Cities, Fare Hiked Until August 2, Check New Route

Kanwar Yatra 2024: In response to the upcoming Kanwar Yatra, the Uttarakhand Transport Corporation has announced changes to the bus routes operating between Dehradun, Haridwar, Rishikesh and Delhi. Starting from Monday, the buses will now travel via the Yamunanagar-Karnal-Sonipat route, rather than the usual Roorkee-Muzaffarnagar-Meerut-Muradnagar route. According to transport officials, the decision has been taken to accommodate the influx of...

Why preserving US national heritage is so important

The United States is blessed with some truly exceptional national heritage sites and cultural landmarks. Numbering numerous historic properties, these unique places connect Americans to their past. But little of this architecture would have survived the centuries were it not for the dedicated work of organizations like the National Trust for Historic Preservation, a leading member-driven movement whose aim is to support the preservation of America's diverse historic buildings, neighborhoods, and heritage through its programs, resources, and advocacy. Indeed, the idea is to protect the identity of a nation, where lives, stories, and memories began. Click through and visit some of America's most important cultural attractions.

The July Full Moon known as the Buck Moon is seen in the sky

The July Full Moon known as the Buck Moon is seen in the sky once a heavy cloud was out of the way

The complete guide to being an amazing grandparent

When you become a grandparent, it is truly life-changing. And whether it’s your first grandchild or third, this guide is designed to make every step an adventure. Becoming a grandparent means the opportunity to relish in the joy of childhood once more and gives you the opportunity to impart some advice and invaluable lessons you’ve learned over the years. In this guide, you’ll learn things ranging from practical tips to heartfelt advice, as well as insights to help you embrace your grandparent role with wisdom and confidence. So, curious to learn how you can be an even better grandparent? Click through now.

Father-son fishing trip to celebrate boy's birthday ends in tragedy

Constantin Leahu, 43, and Andrei Leahu, 11, (pictured) went on a fishing trip on Saturday for the boy's birthday near Astoria, Oregon , when their boat capsized and the two went missing.

Iconic British indie band are forced to postpone their show after missing their flight due to airport chaos caused by Crowdstrike IT outage

An Iconic British indie band was forced to reschedule their Friday festival appearance after missing their flight due to Crowdstrike IT outage.

Billionaire's fight with council over $45million property

New York-based Australian David Droga, 54, purchased the 1,100sqm 1920s brick house overlooking Tamarama Beach in Sydney's east for a record-breaking $45million in May 2023.

This is where you should live in the USA based on your personality

With 50 states and thousands of municipalities, America has a little something for everyone. Like-minded people tend to gather near their essential elements, whether that be sunshine or a copious amount of wine, so check out this gallery based on a list by Culture Trip to see where is best for you, depending on your personality.

27 surprising train facts that will amaze you

Do you know where to find the fastest trains? Which country has the largest railway network? Which countries have no railways at all? Here are some curious train truths that most people don't know.

Microsoft outage: Thousands are left in limbo for hours at UK airports

Thousands of holidaymakers were left in limbo for hours at UK airports today after the Microsoft outage grounded more than 100 planes.

Green Docs Q&A: A Symphony of Tiny Lights

A Symphony of Tiny Lights directors Nadia and Dominic Gill sit down with Bloomberg Green's Aaron Rutkoff to discuss the film following the screening at the Bloomberg Green Docs Film Festival in Seattle.

TikTok's My Favorite Hack for Finding Comfy Travel Outfits, and These Are the 9 Viral Matching Sets I'm Eyeing

These one-and-done, comfy travel outfits deserve a spot in your closet.

Incredible Hindu temples: architecture of exquisite beauty

Hinduism, originating from ancient Vedic culture around 3000 BCE, is one of the world's oldest religions and ranks as the third-largest globally, after Christianity and Islam. Followers refer to it as Sanatana Dharma, meaning Eternal Law in Sanskrit. With its primary presence in the Indian subcontinent and parts of Southeast Asia, Hinduism influences social and political structures, including the caste system. Temples of diverse styles and colors in various locations are central to Hindu worship, embodying the beauty of this ancient faith. Explore this gallery and wonder at these remarkable religious structures.

Memorable epitaphs from famous gravestones

Words are one of the many forms through which we honor the deceased. Epitaphs come in all sorts of formats, depending on the person they are written for, and by whom. There are some famous dead people who have pretty unique epitaphs craved on their headstones, from poetic to funny. Despite the variety of styles, they all have something in common—they're memorable. In this gallery, you'll discover some of the most beautiful and quirky epitaphs from famous gravesites. Click on.

Spectacular full Buck Moon seen rising in Kent, UK

The stunning full Buck Moon was seen rising into the night sky above Kent, UK this evening (July 20). Earth's closest neighbour was seen ascending above Sheerness in the late evening after cloud cover cleared. July's full moon is named after male deer shedding their antlers and regrowing them at this time of year.

I’m a Travel Writer in New York, and This Is the Sweat-wicking Mini Skort I’m Wearing Everywhere This Summer

I’m about to buy one in every available color.

M&S’ ‘stylish and lightweight’ £35 beach dress is perfect for summer holidays

Marks and Spencer has launched the perfect dress to pack in your hand luggage for your next holiday, with its £35 beach dress being praised for how ‘stylish and lightweight’ it is

Millionaires priced out of Miami are now flocking to this Florida city

Millionaires who have been driven out of Miami and Palm Beach by an influx of billionaires have resettled in a different Florida city. Their arrival in the new area has driven up real-estate prices.

'I went to a European festival and these 10 things were super different to UK events'

I headed to NOS Alive in Portugal to experience the iconic music festival set on the banks of the river Tagus just outside Lisbon, and found ten big differences to UK festivals

Postcard from Jakarta: Powering Indonesia's rise with volcanic energy and smiles

Geothermal energy and tourism are the cornerstones of the nation's reform strategy

Beauty spot named 'friendliest town' in US is being shunned by hikers

A quaint town in Northern California is suddenly being avoided. The town would previously welcome about 6,000 visitors a year but plans appear to have changed at the last minute.

Microsoft Outage: 47 Flights Cancelled, Over 170 Face Delays At Delhi’s IGI Airport Today

A Microsoft outage on Friday caused massive disruptions at Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport on Friday, leading to the cancellation of 47 domestic flights and delays for about 170 flights. Passengers faced severe inconvenience, resulting in widespread frustration across the country as the cloud services outage brought the aviation industry to a standstill on Friday. The outage caused significant delays, particularly during the peak noon...

Olympics-Palestinians are winners by just being at Paris Games, say athletes

PARIS (Reuters) - The presence of Palestinian athletes at the Paris Olympic Games is already a major victory for the team amid the conflict in the Middle East, they said on Saturday, less than a week before the start of the Olympics. The Palestinian team for the Games starting on Friday consists of six athletes who will be competing in boxing, judo, taekwondo, shooting and swimming, with slim

Spain tourist warning as woman dies from killer virus spread by mosquitoes

The woman is the second person to die in Spain's Seville province this year after contracting the virus following a mosquito bite.

Rugby-Scotland score half century of points in test win over Chile

SANTIAGO (Reuters) - Scotland kept up their high scoring form on their Americas tour with a convincing 52-11 win over Chile in Santiago on Saturday. Jamie Dobie and Kyle Rowe scored two tries each while Josh Bayliss, Matt Currie, Dylan Richardson and Kyle Steyn added one apiece in their third win on their mid-year tour after victories in the last fortnight over Canada and the United States.

Markiah walked into a 'dense' rainforest never to be seen again

Markiah Major's family in the community of Yarrabah, near Cairns, last saw the 17-year-old in August 2023.

Scotland's recent wet weather is just perfect for the pesky midges

They have long been the scourge of summer, tormenting tourists and locals who dare go outside.

Why this sign at a Coles could save you money at the checkout

A sign spotted at the Coles checkout is promising to save customers money on their grocery shop.

These Grab-and-Go Breakfast Ideas Will Convince You to Skip the Drive-Thru

One egg and cheese sandwich, please!

Incredible hidden attractions in US cities

Everyone knows the basic monuments you need to see in America's big cities. If you go to New York, see the Empire State Building! If you're in San Francisco, check out the Golden Gate Bridge! However, there are plenty of other attractions in these US cities that you may never have even known were there. Are you looking for a more unusual travel experience? Here are some offbeat and unusual urban must-sees that most tourists fail to find. Browse the gallery for your city and places to go that others will miss.

Europe's grandest royal tombs

Throughout history, the wealth and privilege that came with being a member of a European royal family afforded a luxurious lifestyle most others could only dream of. But similarly, death, as in life, also brought with it lavishness and excess by way of a burial truly fit for a king or queen. Monarchs and emperors of old were honored with monumental tombs, ornate and embellished final resting places that reflected their status as absolute rulers of nations and peoples. Today, these showpiece sepulchers are as much tourist attractions as memorials to the mighty. But where can you admire the most sumptuous and ostentatious royal grave sites? Click through and tour the tombs.

Now Global IT outage threatens to hit our paycheques!

CrowdStrike admitted responsibility for the outage which has seen GP appointments halted, flights cancelled or delayed and online chaos created for banking programs.

Transportation from Cancun International Airport to your hotel: How to avoid scams, overpaying and more

If you're traveling from Cancun International Airport to your hotel, TPG recommends prebooking your transportation to avoid scams. Here's what you should know.

What was the Disney Channel 65-episode rule?

"Lizzie McGuire" and "Even Stevens" were taken from us too soon.

Submerged sensations! Amazing underwater attractions to dive for

Over 70% of the earth's surface is covered by water. This has created ideal conditions for numerous ocean ecosystems to thrive in. However, human activity has greatly impacted the seas, leaving behind a trail of impressive—and often heartbreaking—reminders of our presence. To explore some of the most remarkable underwater attractions on our planet, submerge yourself and click through the gallery for a fascinating virtual tour.

Inside new superyacht Ulyssia with 132-room hotel, pools and theatre

The Ulyssia is still some four years away from its expected date of completion, but new images provide unprecedented insight into the life of luxury on board

Some airports were forced to use whiteboards to handwrite flight information due to the global IT outage

Belfast International Airport and Singapore Changi, around 7,000 miles apart, both resorted to low tech means of keeping passengers up to date.

Chilling video shows wreckage of 'ghost boat' after dinghy washed up

Chilling footage shows the drowned wreck of an empty 'ghost boat' called 'Skomer' which sunk off the coast of Cornwall last week. RNLI crews were called but could not save the vessel.

I impulse-booked a $6,000 trip to see Taylor Swift in Europe. I paid just $727, thanks to credit card points.

My 48-hour impulse trip to see Taylor Swift in Europe would have cost over $6,000 if I paid cash. I only paid $727 total after using points and miles.

Wheelchair adventurer completes Yr Wyddfa climb

Nick Wilson dedicates his feat to his father, who died in June.

Inside IKEA's rise to iconic status across the world

From its humble beginnings in rural Sweden, we look back at the quirky history of this iconic brand, explore its global influence from Africa to Japan, plus show you some of the most iconic pieces of furniture IKEA has made that could be worth a fortune if you own them...

Dubai and Abu Dhabi airports operating as normal following IT global outage

Following a technology outage that caused travel disruption around the world, operations at airports and airlines are returning to normal on Sunday. In the UAE, flight tracking website FlightRadar24 reported low airport disruption on Sunday morning. Good traffic flow was reported at Zayed International Airport and in Dubai, only minor delays were o...

The surprising history of séances at the White House

Over the centuries, the White House has been the meeting point for many political and cultural events that have changed the course of history. But beyond the building’s political intrigue, the walls have played witness to a lesser-known, mysterious tradition: the séance. Many first ladies and presidents have been involved in séances in an attempt to contact the great beyond, and the captivating history of spiritualism at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue might just surprise you. Click through the gallery to find out more.

Lily Allen fumes she's stranded at Heathrow Airport after missing her flight home due to the Microsoft outage chaos

In a now-deleted social media post, the singer, 39, took to X (formerly Twitter) on Friday to express her frustration at the situation that has left her 'stuck at Heathrow ' with 'no solution'.

Who exactly were the Visigoths?

The Visigoths were a Germanic tribe that in late antiquity harassed the Roman Empire to the point where Rome was sacked and its influence across Western Europe fatally eroded. The Goths' story is a complex one. They formed uneasy alliances with their enemies while quarreling with and murdering their own. Territory was won and then lost, and the threat from equally ambitious barbarian tribes—the Huns and the Franks—was ever present. Their own kingdom thrived. But powerful forces were gathering, ready to challenge the reign of the Visigoths. So, what happened next? Click through and learn more about this extraordinary people and their place in history.

Experts fear massive IT outage could last days

The technical fault has caused Windows software to suddenly shut down, prompting departure boards to immediately turn off at airports on the busiest day for British airports since Covid.

Summer heatwave is causing terrifying explosions on Southwest planes

Southwest Airlines has reported cases of soda bursting open due to heat pressure on flights out of airports in Phoenix and Las Vegas as temperatures continue to hit triple digits.

Gorilla tries to kiss baby through glass at Columbia Zoo in Ohio

An affectionate gorilla is going viral after a Columbus Zoo visitor caught a video of it trying to kiss her baby daughter, Noah.

This Gen Zer traveled to 10 countries in 3 years. Here's how she did it while earning $25 an hour.

Explore how a Gen Zer funds her travels by waiting tables and volunteer exchange sites like Worldpackers.