Eid Al Adha is the perfect time to create cherished memories with loved ones and one of the best ways to do so is to share a hearty meal with them. 

Here are some restaurants in Bahrain where you can dine with your family or friends during Eid Al Adha. 

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Haus Restaurant

Image source: @haus.bh.

Enjoy an exciting fusion of Europe and East Asia this Eid Al Adha! Indulge in the tantalizing Italian-Japanese cuisine at the Haus restaurant with your loved ones this Eid Al Adha!


Image source: @meiseibahrain. 

Experience the vibrant flavors of East Asia this Eid Al Adha at Meisei, a contemporary restaurant located in Adliya.

Boasting panoramic views of Bahrain's skyline, Meisei offers a unique fusion of Japanese, Thai, and Chinese cuisine. Celebrate Eid with their exquisite sushi platters, flavorful stir-fries, and indulgent desserts.

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Lanterns Restaurant

Image source: @lanternsbahrain.

For those craving authentic Middle Eastern cuisine, Lanterns Restaurant is a must-visit destination during Eid Al Adha!

Treat your taste buds to their signature lamb kebabs or indulge in a traditional Bahraini seafood feast with your loved ones.


Image source: @monsoonbahrain. 

Feast on some authentic Thai, Japanese, and Vietnamese cuisines this Eid Al Adha at Monsoon!

Enjoy a delicious dinner with your family or friends in a modern yet traditional East Asian setting, which will transport you to East Asia!

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Cantina Kahlo

Image source: @cantinakahlo. 

A delicious Mexican dinner at Cantina Kahlo awaits you this Eid!

From savory appetizers to mouth-watering grilled meat, this eatery has it all! You'll also get to try out Mexican antojitos, chicharrons, tacos, and much more!

Get together with your loved ones for an amazing Eid feast in Catina Kahlo's chic ambience!

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Image source: @nirvana_bahrain. 

Indulge in a dinner with the desi tadka this Eid Al Adha at Nirvana!

The fine-dining restaurant serves flavorful curries, kebabs, biryani, and much more.

For the perfect Indian feast this Eid, Nirvana is the place to visit!

If you would love to spend some quality time with your loved ones without the hassle of cooking during the Eid holidays, check out these restaurants in Bahrain!

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